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Your place for fine exotic Tropical Furniture, like Bamboo, Wicker, Rattan, Sea grass, Banana Leaf and Garden Moebel all at factory direct prices with the best guarantee in the market.

Enjoy your shopping.

Thinking of buying new celebrity world class furniture, like Rattan, Cane, Wicker or Bamboo Furniture for your Conservatory, Sun Room or any other room in your house at great prices?

Here you can choose for Rattan, Wicker, Bamboo, PVC/PE, Wrought Iron Contemporary and handcrafted French/Italian inspired Furniture that is fashionable, functional, durable and Eco-Friendly.

We believe that furniture is fashion for the home and we all strive to make our own furniture-fashion statement. Furniture is a very visual extension of who we are and who we want to be perceived to be. To make a successful fashion statement, we need all components in a living space to flow together harmoniously – the ceilings, floors, walls and everything in between.

This is achieved through deliberate fashion choices. We offer our customers beautiful and unique furniture to work into their own masterpieces.

Our Interior Designers are hand-selected from the country’s best certified professionals, boasting impressive educations, resumes, portfolios, and extremely happy clients.

We ensure our designs are unique and that our in-house Quality Manufacturing Process is unsurpassed in the market.

Our collection of Patio Furniture, and Outdoor Furniture in Rattan, Wicker, Bamboo, Seagrass, Banana Leaf, Abaca and Accessories, like; Wicker Baskets, Rattan Lounges, Wicker Lamps, Rattan Sofas, Rattan Chaise, Rattan Mirrors, Rattan Rocking Chairs, Rattan Beds, Wicker Ottomans, Wicker Chairs, Rattan Chairs,Rattan Dressers, Rattan Coffee Tables, and our hand crafted Wine Stands is dynamic, ever changing with over 40 differentColours, over 20 Stains and hundreds of Fabrics and many different types of Cushion Materials. We have our own In-House “Total Quality Management” System, combined with the ancient tradition of Filipino craftsmanship to produce outstanding and lasting impression of your furniture. We constantly upgrade the skills of our craftsmen not only to meet, but to surpass the standards by which Rattan Wicker and Bamboo Manufacturing is measured by.

What you will find here?

Rattan is natures’ answer to your well being and to your prosperity. We believe that no other Tropical Furniture Manufacturer has had a more profound impact on the designs of Rattan Furniture then Sun Valley Rattan. Our world renowned and celebrated designer’s chic, sophisticated seating and occasional furniture epitomize the evolution of the classic forms of rattan.

We design our pieces to work together, regardless of style. There is a conscious effort to allow you, the designer, to select pieces from each style that will complement and blend with any room setting, without looking out of place. You can feel confident when combining one of our transitional pieces with a traditional piece…or transitional with contemporary styling. Because each piece is derived from a common core, these combinations will never look forced.

Our main focus is on Luxury Rattan/Wicker Furniture and with the help of some outstanding new aspiring designers, we are getting really creative! We are currently in the process of developing new design concepts for the connoisseur in mind that will propel this once-casual furniture to the level of Fine Luxury Furniture.
The designs we offer represent who we are and how we want our legacy to be remembered from generation to generation.

Make your statement.

What would your home or office look like with furniture from Sun Valley Rattan?

Please follow this link to see our furniture in this Luxury Rental Condo in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, Casa Rebecca, Mexico.

Sun Valley and the Environment.

Sun Valley Rattan realizes the need to protect our environment, both on a local and global level. We feel it is vital to continually improve our manufacturing and business practices to ensure a healthy world for our children, employees, customers and future generations. Sun Valley Rattan is a forerunner in using sustainable materials such as bamboo, rattan, abaca and lampacanay. Additionally, we use only plantation grown materials, meaning no wood species are utilized from endangered rain-forests. In the finishing of our furniture, we use products that contain low VOCs. Our cushions contain plant-based renewable raw materials, replacing significant amounts of petroleum-based materials. Our cushion backs are manufactured keeping the environment in mind. Both also contain organic, halogen-free fire retardants. Our use of recyclable shipping materials is another ways we conserve resources. We are committed to continual research and education on how we can be good environmental stewards.

Our Mission

By creating high-quality, timeless designs, we remain committed to the movement against disposable furniture and toward a healthier planet. Since Sun Valley Rattan products are based exclusively on high quality, high-end luxury products, we only have one objective when we introduce a new furniture fashion – it must be different. We are a quality furniture manufacturer and we have been exporting Rattan Furniture and Wicker Furniture for over 50 years. We have been awarded the International Award as the “Most Outstanding Rattan Furniture Exporter” of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011m 2014 and also for 2016. We do not use any child labor in any of our factories and we are committed in support of the Beacon Philippines Children Foundation to help children getting back to school.

We also offer huge discounts on bulk orders. Join us at sales@sunvalleyrattaninc.com to become a re-seller of our products.

Would you like to become our reseller please follow this linkhttp://sunvalleyrattaninc.com/distributorships.html

To download our offline brochure please click HERE
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We will be adding our new line of Bamboo Laminated Furniture starting November 2017. This will change your outlook of what can be done with Bamboo forever.

Sun Valley Rattan Team

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